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 Dutch palaces

   Dear visitor,

This is the new dutch palaces site. In this site you will be given information about the various palaces in the Netherlands, their history, their architecture, their gardens and their owners. By clicking on the slideshows, you can enter the various sites or pages about these palaces!

All the pictures in this site were made by me. You may use them for non-commercial activities, but please let me know in advance!

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   Amsterdam's glorious royal palace was built in the 17th century. Then it was known as world's 8th miracle, reflecting the wealth and power of the city. Especially the interior, with its wonderful marble sculptures, walls and ceilings, is worth seeing.
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   Het Loo palace is now a permanent museum. It
was built as a hunting lodge for William III, who
was also king of England. The house has all the
typical features of the dutch Golden Age. Not
only the palace, but also the baroque gardens are
worth a visit.

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   Visit De Horsten Royal Estate's picture page now.
New pictures from Lilac hill.

   The Binnenhof at The Hague is a large castle complex
including several palaces, used by the counts and princes.

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   Huis ten Bosch stands in the forest north of The Hague. It
was built in the early 17th century as a summer palace
for Amalia van Solms, wife of Frederik Hendrik. Now, it
is the queen's private residence.
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Noordeinde palace stands in the inner city of The Hague. It has a long building history,  from the 15th century till the 20th. It is now used by tue queen as her office. New! Unique pictures from the cour d' honneur.

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  De Paauw in Wassenaar was built as a palace for prince
Frederik. The palace and its gardens
can be visited.

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  Tilburg palace was designed by William II
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  This building is known as the royal theatre, but originally it was the part of a palace that was never finised.

  Welgelegen pavillion was used as a royal palace in the 19th
century. Afterwards, it became the seat of the province
Noord-Holland. Coming up next!!!

   Zeist castle in the town of the same name, is a smaller copy of Het Loo, built for a bastard cousin of the king. Visit it's new page now!

   Kneuterdijk palace is a charming building in a street corner. In the 19th century, king William II added many neogothical wings to it, that all collapsed but on: the gothical hall. Now, the palace is the seat of the State Council.

  Soestdijk royal palace in Baarn was the seat of Juliana and Bernhard. It was built as a hunting lodge for William III in the 17th century. The white wings were added in the 19th century. Now, the palace is empty.
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  The Mauritshuis in the Hague was built as a residence for Maurits van Nassau Siegen, cousin to the statholders and governor of Dutch Brazil.

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  Bronbeek house lies in Arnhem.
This summer palace was donated by king William III to
be a military hospital. It has been so ever since.

  Breda castle is the first property of the Nassau family in the Netherlands. It was converted into a lovely renaissance palazzo in the 16th century. Later, it became a military academy.

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   Prinsenhoven, or princely courts, are a special category of buildings. Here, you can see more.

  Drakestein castle in Lage Vuursche is a remarkable octactional building that was bought by the present queen. Its grounds adjoin those of Soestdijk palace.

Allas, some of the palaces in the Netherlands have
disappeared. But there are plans to rebuild the palace
Ter Nieuwburg.

  The Markiezenhof was not a royal palace, but the residence of the Marquis of Bergen op Zoom. It is the most splendid medieval palace in northern Europe. Visit now!

It is not exactly clear how the Hof van Solms in Oirschot got its name. It is highly probably, however, that it was built by Amalia van Solms, wife of Statholder Frederik Hendrik.  

Warmelo House was the residence of princess Armgard. It is famous for its gardens.

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